The Contracting and NFT Come Up ft Levi Garrett & Michael Milton Brannon

This week on The S2 Show, I’m joined by Levi Garrett & Milton Brannon, who are both from CMR Roofing & Construction’s Florida division.

In this week’s episode, we dive into the journey that leads to both Levi & Milt joining a little-known leading industry helping property owners after damage has occurred. The deep dive into how to enter into a competitive sales role in a “dirty job” industry that most people aren’t even aware of is a prime story for the current economics. Additionally, there have been some recent tragedies in the northeast (New York / New Jersey) and Louisiana after hurricane Ida and hearing from two top contractors sheds light on the process of how to get the property vendors and the behind-the-scenes of who your vendors really are and how to navigate the recent legislation regarding policy changes related to roofs.

CMR is a National company that has had a very good reputation for many years and they specialize in residential, Commerical, and government work. As a turn of events to also help you get to know Levi & Milt on a personal level – these guys school me on the NFT market and how they have been making a killing on their purchases and investments for a long time now. After this episode, you should have more knowledge on how contractors operate as the proper owners of any kind and about how to get into this industry if you’re looking to be a shark in a new space while helping people protect their res property assets.

Oh, and what’s really going on in the nft space of course.

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