The Effective Game Changer ft Tim Storey

This week on The S2 Show I’m joined by Tim Storey who is an acclaimed author, speaker, and life coach, well known for inspiring and motivating people of all walks of life, from entertainment executives, celebrities, and athletes to adults and children in the most deprived neighborhoods in the country.

Tim Storey helps people create the future they desire. His ability to listen and genuinely care for those he comes in contact with has led to unique favorability among some of the most influential leaders in the world. He has inspired people from all walks of life, from entertainment legends to professional athletes… from executives to children in third world countries. Using seasoned foundational principles and humor to get honest with people so they can overcome the obstacles that are holding them back.

In this episode, Tim and I discuss the power of mindset, which goes along well with his newly published book – miracle mentality, but also with where we are at the movement of monetization of our personal experiences and offerings and how Tim helps his clients walk, run and then fly at the right moments in their lives instead of trying to fly before they are ready.

Tim also shines his bright light on the journey to becoming the expert he is and how to truly walk the talk to get to the place where you have mastered living in your passion.

To find out more about Tim check out his social links below or by his book to learn about his miracle mentality.

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