Dan & Kate Plus a Million Dollar Clubhouse Record-Breaking Room

Kate Hancock and Dan Robbins have the longest-running and record-breaking room on Clubhouse App.  In this week’s S2 Show podcast episode, Dan & Kate dive into how they achieved their status as well as the secrets to collaboration that truly make clubhouse work for you as a business professional.

From $20 to $15 Million

Kate Hancock is a podcast host, investor, mentor, and CEO of OC Facial Care Center. Kate is a mother of two boys at the same time a great entrepreneur. She focuses on building communities and helping thousands of entrepreneurs through Clubhouse Clubs providing them with once-in-a-lifetime experiences for WMB mastermind.

Kate inspires and empowers women to achieve their dreams of entrepreneurship with her podcast called Inspired by her with Kate Hancock. Having two thousand podcast downloads daily. Named as one of the 100 Most Influential Filipina in the World.

Daniel Robins CEO of IBH Media and COO of Bintana Sa Paraiso helps entrepreneurs and lead people to get promotions, promote businesses and assist in business growth. Daniel believes that helping someone can make a difference in business. He ventured into many businesses to help owners build better connections and more sales. He believes his mission is to impact and inspire 100 million entrepreneurs worldwide. Daniel has already impacted well over 2M this year 2021. 

Now, Kate and Daniel started out on a mission during a time of uncertainty to impact 100 million entrepreneurs which led them to the audio app, Clubhouse. Their Clubhouse room, “What it takes to run a 1 million dollar biz”, guests experts who share experience-based advice. Their current audiences reached thousands of people that turned into one of the largest entrepreneur clubs on the app with 80k+ people and thousands of visitors daily.

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