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Entrepreneurship podcast tackling topics pertinent to your life with actionable tips from expert guests to get you on the road to building your own empire.The S2 Show with Stephanie Saunders tackles topics pertinent to your life -- from competing in a virtual world... to launches, leadership and those hurdles holding you back in your business life. The S2 Show will leave you with actionable ideas you can put to work now! You'll hear from real estate moguls, founders, influencers, authors, non-profit founders and politicians - on their behind the scenes journey to success.

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Hello, I am Stephanie.

Stephanie’s career path hasn’t always been a laser straight line to success.  However, there have been a couple of reliable constants, real estate and the ability to market herself.

Stephanie entered the job market just as the subprime mortgage crisis was wreaking havoc on the economy in 2006, and she took a job in the one sector that was hiring — distressed properties.  Stephanie spent the next decade in corporate America building a reputation in creditor-owed real estate by leading client acquisitions and strategic marketing. Or, simply put, she helped banks foreclose on property owners. 

After ten years, she thankfully turned to the “good side” and became an equity stakeholder in United Claims Specialists — a dynamic public adjusting firm specializing in residential and commercial properties. Finally able to put her love of real estate and knowledge of marketing and branding to use for a proper cause with a national reach with her Husband Joe Suskind who is the founder.

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