Moroccan Business Women Exist ft Majida Housni

Majida Housni is a serial entrepreneur, fashion designer, women advocate & social media personality. She is also the founder of The Maison Maj Group & co-founder of Disruptive PR.


Majida was born and raised in Morocco and the eldest daughter in her family. 

At the age of 18, Majida dropped everything at home and flew to Dubai where she started her vision. She seeks a hometown feel but having left home to pursue a dream, she felt the sense to prove something.

Majida’s dedication led her to an investor that later became her business partner. That year, they opened the business. The next year, they opened a branch. She dedicated her teen years to learning, building, and scaling their business to success.

She became the sole owner of the business after 5 years. Majida continued the business for 4 more years.


Majida’s business in Dubai required her to travel places. One city that got her attention most was Los Angeles. She fell in love with America’s work culture and opportunity, straight away. She felt she could do more in LA.

With a clear decision and plan, she sold her business in Dubai and arrived in the United States.


With years of traveling around the globe and working with A-List Businessmen and celebrities, Majida was able to create her own brand; Maison Maj Group.

The Maison Maj Group is a luxury concierge service that specializes in lavish lifestyles. The company provides its highest priority on client satisfaction resulting in a top-notch level of service in the country. Learn more about Majida’s luxury company here

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