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Social media is an awesome way to educate potential customers about your services and Stephanie did this for a niche market during the 2020 pandemic in a new way. After 10 months of execution and ditching the former B2B perspective, She was named one of the nation’s Top 10 Social Media Influencers of 2020 by Forbes Magazine.  It was an unexpected honor and high praise coming from Forbes.

On the heels of that success, she launched The S2 Show to help other entrepreneurs by sharing her chats with experts where they expose the raw and honest realities of the climb to their successes.     

Sometimes things seem so shiny on the outside – having a deep and meaningful look behind the scenes helps us understand what actually goes into the rise we all aspire to achieve and how there is a little something within each of us that we can leverage to bring us to the next level.  

Build your empire with the s2 show


Entrepreneurship podcast tackling topics pertinent to your life with actionable tips from expert guests to get you on the road to building your own empire.The S2 Show with Stephanie Saunders tackles topics pertinent to your life — from competing in a virtual world… to launches, leadership and those hurdles holding you back in your business life. The S2 Show will leave you with actionable ideas you can put to work now! You’ll hear from real estate moguls, founders, influencers, authors, non-profit founders and politicians – on their behind the scenes journey to success.


We will be airing one podcast per week, Wednesdays!

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Stephanie Saunders, our host, will be talking to the best people in their industries about their journey to success, how they conquered the always presented obstacles, and what they did to excel in their profession. 

After each episode you will have actionable steps to apply to your road to building your empire. 

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Meet The Host

The One Behind The Show

Hello, I am Stephanie.

A former Corporate executive turned founder – who spent over a decade in the distressed real estate market after unintentionally pursuing a career in corporate during the 2008 recession. After exiting I began my journey as a serial entrepreneur where I am a real estate investor, note buyer, angel investor focused on tech startups a keynote speaker, non-profit founder, and Forbes top social media influencer of 2020.  

The aim on this podcast is  to pull down some curtains around what it takes to make it as a seven figure business owner and the realities we all face when related to life’s challenges.