Breaking Down Monetizing Your Personal Brand

Joshua B. Lee is a father of two, author, amazing speaker, and the Founder and CEO of StandOut Authority. Believes in creating real human connections online builds long-lasting relationships, clients, and brand advocates that last a lifetime. 


I moved back with my parents at 36 and reset. I had gone through a very dark path and then I had a slight depression. I really connect with the inner spirit but after going through different years, I lost it again.

I was working with so many different gurus and people. I was blessed. I know a lot of people who read books on how to start my companies, they become clients. That’s kind of where I had my shift and I kinda lost that faith. If I’m gonna do this, I can have faith in anyone else other than myself to be able to make this world a better place for my kids. So that’s kind of why I went back to this and it’s, honestly, the best thing I’ve I’ve gone through in a long time. 

It really ignites that fire inside of me, the reason why I started StandOut Authority is because, as you said, I hate selling. 

If you’re gonna sell someone, I’m gonna keep on selling them. But if we educate, inspire, and draw someone in, they choose to work with us. That’s so much more powerful right.

StandOut Authority

They’ve got an amazing team of heart centric, brilliant team members ready to help you build a strong brand that has influence, builds genuine connections and creates long lasting client relationships.

They’re dedicated to helping you find the right combination of unique traits, business skills, brand and voice that separates YOU from the crowd and gives you the foundation to truly StandOut.

How do you tell your clients that where they need to be?

You start off a certain path. I’ll give a little here and there. Then you find out all of the sudden, you’ve got a lot of clients that are misaligned. I went to my team and our clients I said, “I want to make sure that you are adding value to this world.

If you come to me and say, “Hey, Josh can we monetize an offer?” I’m not your guy. If you want to really inspire add value to this world, whether a product or service that really is going to change, add value, let’s see we can talk.

Build advocates first and allow that buy-product become clients.

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