The Myers Method to Multifamily ft Jerome Myers

Jerome Myers is a prolific author, podcast host, and the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of DreamCatchers and The Myers Development Group. He and his team have the eagerness to help people learn more about Multifamily Journey to achieve financial freedom.


After getting an MBA in engineering, Jerome approached the corporate world with confidence. He landed a job as an employee number 2 in a division of a Fortune 550 Company. He then helped develop the business from scratch to a $20 million corporate division with 175 employees.

He got an unfortunate call on the Christmas Eve of 2015 informing that they have to lay off half the team! Jerome has to spend his Christmas and New Year with a saddening decision about who’s going to have a job. It was a dreadful Christmas present. Since then, Jerome promised himself that this incident will never happen again.

After letting go of his corporate job, Jerome pursued his dream. But it hasn’t been easy. He started gaining experience after banks shut doors on him until he finally gained connections.

“Sometimes people think success comes over night. There is no such thing, anyone you ever see that is successful has worked at it and if they do it well and calculate it just right they will make it look easy. Life is no fun if you don’t get a few bumps and bruises along the way. ~Tyler Shields”

Listen to Jerome Myers as he shares experiences, lessons, and bits of the famous Myers Method to Multifamily here.



The Myers Method is an in-depth 11-week training, brought to you by Jerome and his team over at Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing.

Where you’ll get a new video module each week, accompanied by some homework to tie it all together and make it real for you. You also get instant direct access to him, his team, and their entire community, via a private Facebook group.

DreamCatchers and Myers Methods Presents Multifamily Missteps Podcast is an audio and video experience sharing the stories of people who have exited the “matrix” and war stories from multifamily operators. This podcast allows Jerome to tease out the tools and tactics that his guests have used to catch their dreams.

Jerome Myers’ books: Politics of Marriage and Your Dreams Should be real are available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback.

Politics of Marriage takes a hard look at the interesting opportunities and tough decisions many of us have or will encounter in our relationships.

Your Dreams Should be Real unlocked the hidden potential in successful, self-motivated individuals who have the desire to take their life’s work to the next level but understand they need support to evolve.

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