Let Them Grow or Let Them Go ft Kelly Merbler

This week on The S2 Show I’m joined by Kelly Merbler who is the founding Principal of The Kelly Merbler Company, LLC, highly sought after virtual leader at Coffee with Kelly, and recent recipient of the South Florida Business & Wealth for the Prestigious Women Award.

Kelly is a prior corporate executive who runs a leadership consulting firm based in South Florida specializing in Strengths-Based employee engagement and retention programs, culture building, keynote speaking, and leadership development programs.

Which were all born out of a desire to do what resonated with Kelly after many years of dedication in her salaried position.

In this weeks episode, Kelly gets honest about the fact that most people take a job after college with no real understanding of what their skill sets are and how this point, among many others, was the driving force that helped Kelly exist the matrix and start her dream career helping empower executive and showing them that it is possible to find their power in the workforce.

In the era of the great resignation listen to this episode to hear more on what corporate is doing to keep their employees growing and on the professional rise.

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