Miami Girls Have a Bad Rep ft Ekaterina Juskowski

This week on The S2 Show I’m joined by Ekaterina Juskowski who is the founder and creative director of the Miami Girls Foundation. Ekaterina is a Russian-born artist, who relocated to Miami only to find there was a stigma attached to her new warm weathered home. After realizing she wasn’t the only woman offended by being referred to as a “Miami girl”.

Ekaterina wanted to be proud of where she now lived and knew there were other powerful women founders in the community who would be happy to share their stories of success to be changing the social narrative around women in the Miami scene. Miami Girls was founded in 2015 and since then has highlighted more than 60 Miami founders in the community who are leading the way to change the Miami girls hashtag. In the span of the last 30 years, Miami transformed from a tourist destination into a top-tier global city with one of the nation’s fastest-growing economies. Despite that transformation, the general perception remains in the beach-and-beauty mode of decades back. Miami women have to contend with the strongest negative misconceptions created by the hypersexualized image of “Miami girls” popularized by the media and perpetuated as public opinion. The result? – Many young women living in Miami hesitate to self-identify with the city.

Ekaterina and her team have made it their mission to reshape this damaging stereotype. We launched the platform allowing Miami women to tell the story of the city they love and the communities they support on a daily basis. With the many voices of Miami women, we will change the narrative to engage all of Miami in inclusive prosperity.

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