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In today’s episode, we are chatting with Jake Dunlap, a sales growth mastermind, LinkedIn influencer,  and mastermind speaker. In the last year, Skaled has gone through its first rebrand in eight years and things are taking off as business owners recognize the shift in b2b sales. Jake grew his business after many years in the sales force from sports sales to running career builder and scaling the sales force at Glassdoor.

After outgrowing the employee mindset Skaled was born. In 2018 Jake started building his personal brand on LinkedIn and has over 80,000 connections and he is proof that a personal brand is one of the many drivers to growing potential clients to your services.  Skaled has helped thousands of small businesses and large corporations maximize their sales teams and processes.
Jake has created unmute – which is a 2-day virtual event packed with a LinkedIn growth strategy to help you gain visibility in a virtual landscape.
In this episode, Jake and I talk about his beginnings as a college student, the major reflection he faced after realizing he wasn’t a good employee after growing Glassdoor to a profitable brand, and how he overcame that difficult time by identifying the need to make his business grow. We then talk further about how he super-charged his LinkedIn account, his top social media strategies, how you can grow a following of engaged connections, and the ways in which you can shift our sales growth strategies.
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