Not Your Keys, Not Your Coin with Rich Sanders

On this episode, we are chatting with Richard Sanders who is the Principle and Lead Investigator of CipherBlade which is a Blockchain Investigation agency that has recovered millions of dollars in stolen cryptocurrencies and specializes in investigations of cybercrime cases. 

Rich is the solution for many who have been burned after investing in cryptocurrencies and is at the forefront of a new in demand service many will need if they do not get educated on the importance of their digital keys and the proper protocols for purchases. 

In this episode, Rich and I talk about the future of the new social media platform – bitclout and what social hype can do. We also dive into the basics of blockchain, Bitcoin and NFT’s. The future seems to be headed into a new wave of digital assets and Cipherblade is going to be needed to vet your prospective investments or help you in recovery after you have made a bad move. 

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