Moroccan Business Women Exist ft Majida Housni

This week on The S2 Show I’m joined by Majida Housni who is the founder of The Maison Maj Group & co-founder of Disruptive PR as well as a serial entrepreneur.

Majida is a Moroccan born businesswoman, who relocated to Miami after a successful career in Dubai which ended in a profitable sale of multiple salon locations and later lost it all in the fashion brand partnership Royal Legacy which was an international fashion house with its main location on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles.

In this week’s episode, Madjia and I dive into her journey out of Morocco and growing up with a desire for more than most women in her city. We touch on the difficulties women face in the Middle East because of the standard that is set for them by their older female generations and not necessarily by cultural suppressions. 

Majida shares her journey in Dubai and dives into how starting a business there is structured. After started a multi-location women-only beautify spa at 18 years old along with a sponsor who was also her investor, she sold everything to start a fashion line in Beverly Hills with her friend Hicham Benslimane. 

After the fail of the rodeo shop, Majida had to truly assess her partnership decisions and decided to yet again make a fresh start and take her triumphs and failures into her next venture in the pr and luxury travel industry in Miami. Her experience at such a young age has allowed her the ability to make sure her clients not only get the treatment they desire when traveling but also access her high-profile communities and power press when desired. 

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