Burning Down Fat Loss Beliefs ft Gav Gillibrand

This week on The S2 Show my guest is Gav Gillibrand who is the fitness king of LinkedIn.

Gav specializes in helping real people, particularly professionals who work to the bone and have lost their way in the health game, lose those stubborn pounds by changing their perspective with their relationship to food. In the episode Gav and I dive deep into how and why we often lose our way with our relationship to food and health habits and of course how he has gone from college stripper to comedic fitness influencer helping people get their lives back.

The fact that our health systems have not created a system for health in a simplistic way is a major highlight of our discussion and how hard it is to discuss being fat due to sensitivities. You will hear Gav and I dance around this topic in order not to offend those who are currently over weight because we are scared that someone may be upset by our talk.

This simple fact shows us that we are all shamed by the shame being unhealthy and how we need to change our guilty perspectives and use the tools we have on hand to get our bodies right. We also discuss how even the healthiest people often lose sight of what begin healthy really is and how the weight lifting for women myth real does differ between every body type.

After this episode I hope you find inspiration to change your thought process about your diet and exercise and do what is best for your life to live a healthy happy one through mindset and your most important relationship – the one with yourself first.

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