Burning Down Fat Loss Beliefs ft Gav Gillibrand

Gav Gillibrand is a phenomenal writer, an amazing fitness coach, and an exciting podcast host. 

In the episode Gav and I dive deep into how and why we often lose our way with our relationship to food and health habits and of course how he has gone from college stripper to comedic fitness influencer helping people get their lives back.

Fitness, nutrition & fat loss

His fitness coaching program specialises in fat loss, body composition & conditioning while HFL Podcast focuses on fitness tips, nutrition, and setting the real mindset. If you are shy to be online, you can purchase his book The “GHG” Method to learn the exact method in losing 20lbs or more in 12 weeks while still eating carbs.

With over 20 years of experiential knowledge in the fields of fitness, nutrition, mindset & personal development, Gav Gillibrand separated the “wheat from the chaff” and honed in on the activities and philosophies that will produce the best results as fast as possible and in the most efficient and safe manner.

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