Take a Hint From The Founder of Hint Water ft Kara Goldin

My guest this week is Kara Goldin, the founder and CEO of Hint Water. Kara is also the recent author of Undaunted and the host of The Kara Goldin Show. Based in Southern California she started her brand with little to no experience in the beverage industry and took that brand from zero to hero by growing Hint to a $150 Million dollar Business Empire. After overcoming her Diet Coke addiction, Kara launched a non-toxic unsweetened, fruit-flavored water to solve the dilemma she personally faced with little to no options for her self to consume a truly healthy beverage that she enjoyed on the market.

Fifteen years later, Hint is still growing–and breaking into other industries – like the recent launch of Hint sunscreen, an honest SPF brand that smells good and is free of those more harmful chemicals other brands offer. In this episode Kara and I discuss how her experience working in major journalism and big tech paved the way to her starting on her own and how she got unstuck as an entrepreneur. I thoroughly enjoyed her honest shares about not always knowing her path and that her desire to learn and ask questions fueled her passions. At one point in Kara’s career she had made it to the top of the tech ladder when she recognized her question seeking was no longer a welcomed notion and that was when boredom was born and around the time when Kara knew there was something else on the horizon for her.

Like many entrepreneurs – we start out in a corporate role only to find our selves unfulfilled, can you believe other people also go through this same feeling? Mind blowing. But also encouraging – for anyone who thinks they aren’t capable of turning their dream into a reality. After this episode I hope you find your self inspired to say yes to that business plan that you can’t stop thinking about – because we are all capable of moving mountains.

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