Being Orthodox & A Social Media Cost Segregation Phenomenon with Yonah Weiss

On this episode, we are chatting with Yonah Weiss who is a Linkedin Social Media Phenomenon and a legendary Commerical Real Estate Cost Segregation Expert . Yonah is the Director of Business at Madison SPECS a New Jersey Based company with a focus on saving Property Owners Millions in Taxes – as well as the host of Weiss Advice podcast. In this episode, Yonah and I get personal about his life and discuss how he got into the real estate industry and what religion and traditions have done to improve his business life and how the concept of Shabbat is a lesson for everyone on how to prioritize your work life balance. As a prior teacher in Israel, Yonah has the skill of being true to who he is and through that- -he builds trust with his audience which is a gift he shares with all new comers in his industry through his commercial real estate Social Media challenges.

If you are looking for ways to grow yourself and your business as a person in real estate you will gain valuable insights from this episode and by following Yonah’s direction. 

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