When an Insurance Professional & Public Adjuster Unite| Stephanie Saunders Ft. Aaron Unell

On this episode, I’m chatting with Aaron Unell who is an insurance agent at Mathenia Insurance Group LLC out of St. Louis. Aaron specializes in issuing insurance policies for property owners throughout the United States. In this episode, Aaron and I dive into how

insurance providers and agents have had to change their marketing strategies since the 2020 pandemic has changed so much about consumer relations & education.We also touch on what has happened within the insurance industry since there were a large amount of business owners who were negatively impacted by the lack of coverage

for business interruption claims due to viruses. Aaron shares his favorite story on how he stayed involved after a client had a claim from a house fire, which is not technically part of his role as an insurance agent.If you are looking for an insurance agent Aaron is the prime example of what it takes to be a hand holder so you are never left out in the cold & what coverages you actually need as a property owner. 

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Mentioned in the Episode:

Aaron’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaronunell

Mathenia Insurance Group LLC: https://www.matheniainsurancegroup.com/


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