Tech & Property Maintenance Collide with Jeff Broderick

On this episode, I’m chatting with Jeff Broderick who is an innovator in the much needed roofing industry. Jeff is the lead of business development and tech initiatives at RoofOptions LLC – which is a forward thinking roofing company with a patented technology that caters to asset management groups and individuals within the commercial real estate space throughout the united states. 

In this episode, Jeff and I talk about the how the roofing industry is slow to change with the times and how technology has changed his entire career in a non tech friendly industry. If you are in a field that is non linear – ie, roofing, construction, property – technology can change the way your business reaches and maintains your clients and as a property owner or asset management group – tech forward behavior and the ability to understand investment aspects of a portfolio are key to finding the proper vendors. After this episode you should be able to understand how tech has changed the game for this roofer and how you can follow their foot steps or how you can up your vendor game if you are responsible for maintaining properties. 

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