Tech & Property Maintenance Collide| Stephanie Saunders ft. Jeff Broderick

Jeff is the lead of business development and tech initiatives at RoofOptions LLC – which is a forward thinking roofing company with a patented technology that caters to asset management groups and individuals within the commercial real estate space throughout the united states. 

As a roof management expert and specialist of C-Suite E-Procurement and Strategic Asset Management Solutions, Jeff utilize a consultative process to help overcome roof management challenges. He look to implement a strategic goal to prolong the life-cycle of a facility’s most expensive asset, the roof, while providing a real-time asset management suite. He also help large organizations maintain and manage all of their roof assets while receiving the highest levels of portfolio visibility, consistency, and control-effective management which adds additional value through high-level prioritization of CAPEX budget and historical spend tracking.

In this episode, Jeff and I talk about the how the roofing industry is slow to change with the times and how technology has changed his entire career in a non tech friendly industry.

How tech has changed the game for this roofer

RoofOptions provides SMART Options in roof management with complete accurate real-time live visibility of all roof expense needs and historical spending.

Through our exclusive roof management program, RoofOptions helps facility managers and owners do their job better, faster, and easier. Our intelligent data capture and reporting ensure efficiency for your business.

If you are in a field that is non linear – ie, roofing, construction, property – technology can change the way your business reaches and maintains your clients and as a property owner or asset management group – tech forward behavior and the ability to understand investment aspects of a portfolio are key to finding the proper vendors.


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