Future Economic Outlooks with Economist and CRE Developer ft Adam Lubkin

This week on The S2 Show I’m joined by Adam Lubkin. Adam is President and CEO of Ibis Development Group, a South Florida-based real estate acquisitions firm founded in 2006.

After selling all of its commercial real estate holdings in November 2005, Ibis Development was founded based on an eventual accurate prediction that the real estate market would deteriorate and that a niche to acquire distressed commercial assets from banks and other financial institutions would emerge. During the 2008-2012 housing crisis, Ibis Development was on the front lines acquiring bank-owned and distressed properties. Today, Ibis continues to be a leader in purchasing marketed and off-market properties as well as lender notes and properties.

To date, Ibis has acquired more than $800+ million in real estate since its inception. In addition, Adam is also the CEO of Ibis Triple Net, LLC, a single-tenant acquisition company, Ibis Funding Corporation, a commercial mortgage brokerage company, and Ibis Insurance Group, an independent insurance agency and division of Century Risk Advisors and an economist by education.

In today’s episode, Adam shares his journey of leaving his 1st career where he held a safe paycheck to how he became a success in his second career in real estate as well as what he believes the future of our economy and real estate transactions is headed.

After this episode, you should be inspired to get into the real estate market and have acquired knowledge of the 3 key points to making a sound investment in the real estate market.

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