The Rise of the Underdog ft Jayson Waller

This week on The S2 Show I’m joined by Jayson Waller who is the Author of Own Your Power, host of the True Underdog podcast, and CEO of Powerhouse Solar. Jayson has owned and operated three companies which he started from scratch and turned each one into multimillion-dollar enterprises.

His most recent venture, POWERHOME SOLAR is skyrocketing towards a billion dollars in revenue as of 2021 and he now wants to share his experience with you through his social media presence, podcast, book, and sales leaderships options. He has been featured in Globe News Wire as one of the top 20 entrepreneurs of the year and his podcast currently holds the spot for top 3 on apple podcast.

In this week’s episode, we dive behind the scenes into Jayson’s success and how things have not always been easy. With a rock past and having a child at an early age Jayson shows us how you can defy the odds of our traditional cookie-cut box and be a true success. Sometimes difficulties can truly be what given the underdog the drive to build empires.

We also dive into the importance of having a social media presence and how Jayson has grown his podcast and Instagram account to hundreds of thousands of supporters in a short period of time as well as what the future of solar power roofing is predicted to be in this era of going green.

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