How to become Real Estate Expert| Stephanie Saunders ft. Benjamin Inman

Benjamin Inman who is the founder of Inman equities  which has over $279MM in assets across 4,000 multifamily units in the United States.

Benjamin Inman is an author, speaker and investor in Inman Equities, LLC., a privately owned Real Estate Investment Company with offices in Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN and West Palm Beach, FL., acquires assets with 50-300+ units per asset acquisition and portfolios throughout the Southeast. As a Principal with Inman Equities I partner with and assist select Family Office clients with Investment Opportunities throughout the Southeast United States.

Real estate industry and the plot twists

Talking about the real estate industry and the plot twists that he experienced along the way which include marketing within the music industry and a notable role working with the one and only Grant Cardone as an acquisitions specialists. Once Benjamin was ready to start his own firm he bought in on his marketing abilities and knowledge of real estate which were key elements to achieve a high value portfolio in a very short time.

INMAN EQUITIES, LLC acquires well-located multifamily properties in primary and secondary markets with sound underlying fundamentals and meaningful growth potential.

Through a rigorous value-enhancement program that includes thoughtful renovations, operational improvements and ancillary income development, Inman Equities aims to reposition each asset with the goal of maximizing NOI and elevating its competitive position within each market.

Each offering is a Reg (d) or Reg (c) Offering and that requires us to operate within certain parameters.

  • Introduction

  • Review

  • Due Diligence

  • Funding

  • Dividends


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