How to safely invest in bitcoin | Stephanie Saunders ft. Rich Sanders

 Richard Sanders who is the Principle and Lead Investigator of CipherBlade. 

Richard’s highly-sought guidance has been a critical–often pivotal–factor in hundreds of cases with a broad range of typologies, such as cryptocurrency cybercrime investigations spanning from SIM-swapping to sophisticated nation-state hacking, and litigation ranging from divorce to major cases involving cryptocurrency exchanges and ICOs. 

 Bitclout and what social hype can do

Talking about the future of the new social media platform – bitclout and what social hype can do. We also dive into the basics of blockchain, Bitcoin and NFT’s. The future seems to be headed into a new wave of digital assets and Cipherblade is going to be needed to vet your prospective investments or help you in recovery after you have made a bad move.

CipherBlade is frequently called upon to investigate fraudulent or suspect ICOs, IEOs and STOs as a full-suite private investigation service for the blockchain sector.

Blockchain startups, especially those launched in 2017 – 2019, hold a notorious reputation for an array of misconduct, including securities violations, mismanagement, misappropriation, or even embezzlement. If a project has raised millions of dollars yet has failed to deliver upon its promises, we’ll find out why – and explain this to legal decision makers. 

The combination of the following factors puts Cipherblade in a unique position to assist you in cases of wire fraud, investment fraud or securities fraud

  • We have close connections with law firms and attorneys who specialize in ICO lawsuits and cryptocurrency and investment fraud related cases.
  • We have nurtured relationships with multiple regulatory bodies, especially in the USA and Canada, and law enforcement agencies globally who pursue such cases.
  • Our team has deep expertise in blockchain forensics, data science and cybercrime investigation, which we employ to create in-depth reports for legal professionals to support your case.
  • We have also served in the capacity of a credentialed expert witness and can provide testimony in a court of law.
  • We are Chainalysis certified and have experience with and access to a wide suite of professional forensics tools.

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