The Truth Behind Netflix’s Tiger King| Stephanie Saunders Ft. Carole Baskin

This week on The S2 Show I’m here with the Netflix star of Tiger King – Carole Baskin! Carole is the founder of Big Cat Rescue and has been passionate about saving big cats for years.In 2020 Netflix launched an extremely entertaining tv series called “Tiger King” – – which starred several sketchy characters who were running so called big cat sanctuaries. The show itself was a bit raunchy where many of the characters were addicted to drugs and running a muck but the highlight was the aggressive hatred between the main characters; One of which was Carole.In this episode Carole and I talk about the foundation of Big Cats Rescue and why she initially founded the organization which is rooted in her desire to stop cruelty against the big cats and create awareness of how human interaction has a detrimental effect. We also dive into the fact the Carole was completely blind sided by the streaming mogul Netflix.The show originally was presented to Carole and her husband as an outlet to shed light on animal cruelty and how she would help make a difference in the big cat community. When the show came out Carole was depicted as the Tiger Queen – who also had a big hand in actually running an unsafe and cruel tiger community where she also fed her ex husband to the animals.This resulted in hatred for months and millions of angry fans harassing her and her family. Also a few mentions in songs

which began from one viral tiktok originally emulating Joe exotic.After this episode you should see the truth behind Carole’s missions and how the media has the ability to twist even the simplest of situations for our entertainment.I’m passionate about animals and look to spread awareness to stop animal cruelty against these beautiful big creatures by supporting Carole Baskin in her efforts.

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