TedX Brothers ft O.P. Almaraz & Tim Bauer

O.P. Almaraz grew up on government cheese & food stamps. He hated the thought that he couldn’t have the best. This thought resulted in hunger for search for greater life opportunities. He then began taking classes and focused relentlessly on his goal.

O.P. Almaraz is the CEO of Allied Restoration with 23 years of entrepreneurial experience. He is also an international speaker and a bestselling author.

Tim Bauer started his journey as a 19-year-old motivational speaker at his past telemarketing morning job. Giving out speeches and advice to a lot of co-workers that he was at that time prompted him to learn more. Around this time, he discovered TED Talks.

Tim Bauer is the VP of Allied Restoration. He is a professional marketer and storyteller who has developed and presented for companies ranging from small insurance agencies to Fortune 100 corporations.


Tim hopped into business around 2002-2003 after there’s a large wildfire that tore through San Bernardino. OP’s company was the company that Tim’s company relied on for content restoration. He was the vice president of a fairly large restoration company at that time. They were not working directly in the same company together.

A couple of years later, the company that Tim was working for went out of business. He got into O.P’s company to do the same job that he did from his previous company. That’s when O.P and Tim started working together. But then, they were both unhappy.

The first idea sparked, WD Construction was the first name they come up with. O.P and Tim joined ideas for a new company. It was slow growth progress. During this time of dismay, Tim had an argument with the owner of the company they were working for and decided to let go and take his talents to South Beach.

Years later, they connected when O.P started allied restoration with his brother in 2008. Tim was then selling life insurance. After 8-9 months of availing of life insurance, OP’s brother passed away in 2009.

“If it weren’t for that life insurance, my company would not exist right now,” OP said. “Because so much happens when you have a partner that just… You suffer emotionally and your employees… And then your customers who know you and your brother and know your business are like, “Let me give this person space and not give them any business because I don’t know what they’re dealing with.” In the meantime, we’re dying and we’re starving. It’s not working.”

O.P added, “I see Tim as my Angel like this, my brother from another mother.”



Our leadership team has lived and worked through major crises before. Each calamity felt quite stressful at the time, and it was hard (especially at the start) to know how and when it would ever end. This time, we head towards a storm with real strengths…our many years of experience, the skillset and expertise we’ve obtained, and most importantly our truly dedicated employees who already have moved mountains to keep the company moving forward in the face of immeasurable of distractions.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact communities worldwide, our leaders and team members are mobilizing to mitigate the damages. The coronavirus situation is evolving and continuing to unfold but the most important asset to protect is the people.

With the pressure from the community pushing for cleanliness, Allied Restoration is pledging to work 24/7 to bring balance to businesses and people impacted by COVID-19.

As industry experts in decontamination, disinfection, and containment of bio-hazards, it is our responsibility to face this challenge head-on and will commit to providing the highest standard of service.

Our team will continue to provide the latest information, news, and treatment solutions to customers and the public. We understand that this has a traumatic impact on businesses, stakeholders, and customers.

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