The Contracting and NFT Come Up

Michael Milton Brannon “Milton Brannon” was the sales manager of the Peachtree Restorations and is now a project manager. Levi Garrett is the sales manager at CMR Construction & Roofing. 

The Story

I’m from the Atlanta area. I’ve been in the industry for about 8 years now. I graduated from the University of West Georgia with a marketing degree. Lived abroad in South Korea and taught English in the Miami area, the Denver area. I linked up with a friend to get into this business who owned an insurance restoration company. I got involved with him initially.

I had known Levi while working one of those odd jobs of valeting cars. We used to park all the fancy Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Aston Martins at the Phipps Plaza, Lenox Square, Atlanta.

I’m working for Peachtree Restorations. I called Levi thinking he might like this gig and he told me he was working out at a Trust Company. I assumed he was talking about a mortgage and trust which I didn’t really see Levi working. He said he would come in.

I’ll never forget the day he came into the office and Levi was covered in sawdust. So, he’s working on a truss.

At the time, it took a little while to pick up on the business and while I was doing okay I wasn’t really killing it. Levi and I, you’ll find, are pretty competitive. Levi came in and did really well hit the ground running. He inspired me to kick it into high gear. So it’s good to have him on the squad.

Milton brought me in. After I figured it out. I started my own company or so I thought I figured it out. I was still very new.
We opened up operations in San Antonio, Texas. Another storm hit Denver, opened up another office. Milton was there in the Denver market. We’re kind of working together bouncing off ideas of what we’re doing. We’re using the same subcontractors.

Thereafter, he came back to Georgia with the company he works with, the Peachtree. I had an outing with one of my business partners. We came to Florida and I realized how big this market was. Then I’ve been blowing him up for almost a year.

I’m very ambitious and sometimes my eyes are bigger than the numbers that I’m seeing. It’s kind of funny how this all transpired. He brought me into the industry and it comes full circle. He came back and now is working under me. We’ve done really well in this market.

The Big Collab


For CMR, we won residential group of the year last year at the storm conference. We did $350 million in sales last year. My team, which is me, Milton and 23 other sales reps contributed $160 million to the 350. We were literally half of the company’s volume within one sales cycle.

I didn’t really know this for the market. I came down here and I’ll start my own company. I got the books. I studied, studied, and studied those. The amount of knowledge that I got from that is like looking ahead of the schedule for most people that’ve been in this market for 20 years.

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